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As a government employee, you may need access to an assigned vehicle for your job. The Central Vehicle Agency (CVA), located within the Ministry of SaskBuilds and Procurement, helps supply government clients with different types of vehicles required for their work. Typical considerations for providing a fleet vehicle include: travel required for business program delivery, usage of more than 14 days at a time and seasonal needs. 

If you need to travel for work and do not have access to a fleet vehicle, the CVA offers a pool of rental vehicles for short-term use. To find out more about short-term rental vehicles visit the Short-term vehicle rentals page.

CVA works closely with clients and Vehicle Coordinators to help determine an appropriate fleet vehicle plan. Each client has a group of Vehicle Coordinators to help facilitate fleet planning on behalf of their respective organizations. Vehicle Coordinators are your go-to contacts if you have any questions about managing fleet vehicles. 

To learn more about this service, read the Government of Saskatchewan (GOS) Vehicle Policy or use the links below to jump to the content: 

How to request an assigned fleet vehicle

All requests for assigned fleet vehicles should come through a designated Vehicle Coordinator. When requesting a vehicle, be mindful of Government’s Fleet Management Framework and Guide to Vehicle Replacements and Right-Sizing. Once a client has received internal approvals, a Vehicle Requisition Form can be sent by the Vehicle Coordinator to CVA. 

CVA provides two types of fleet vehicle leases: full-maintenance and non-maintenance. Most vehicles are full-maintenance vehicles and processes are in place to help maintain those vehicles. In some cases an organization might opt for a non-maintenance lease and acquire a vehicle from CVA but take on full responsibility for the vehicle’s maintenance and operating costs (i.e. fuel and repairs). 

Fleet management resources

Using and managing an assigned fleet vehicle comes with a number of responsibilities. The information below will help you manage items such as personal use and reimbursements; safety inspections and accident reporting; maintenance and repairs; and vehicle recalls.

Personal use and reimbursements
  • The Guidelines for Personal Use of CVA Vehicles are managed by the Public Service Commission. This document contains important information about: the vehicle policy; procedures for requesting personal use and recording and reporting personal kilometres; and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) taxable benefit implications.    
  • The Request for Personal Use Form is managed by the CVA. This form must be completed when requesting personal use of an assigned fleet vehicle and a copy is to be sent to CVA. 
  • The Reimbursement Request Form is managed by the CVA. This form must be completed when seeking reimbursement for purchases made for a vehicle when conventional payment methods are not available and the driver has paid out-of-pocket. For more information about vehicle credit cards please see the Operator's Handbook and the Fuel Card Guide.
Inspections and accidents 
CVA is dedicated to the safety of our fleet and the clients we serve. As part of our safety program we require all vehicles to go through a semi-annual safety inspection. 
  • The Semi-annual Inspection Form is used for inspections required by CVA. Please note that Highway Traffic Board inspections are required for certain classes of vehicles. Your system-generated reminder will identify this requirement. 
  • In the event that you have an accident in a fleet vehicle, simultaneously notify Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and complete the Accident Report. Please submit the completed accident report to the CVA Accident Clerk. Please see the Operator's Handbook for more information. 
Maintenance and repairs 
Maintenance and repairs are important in ensuring safe operation and longevity of a vehicle. A number of processes and agreements are in place to make sure the operator has access to timely vehicle maintenance and repairs.
For more information, please see the Operator's Handbook.

Recalls and other notices 
Occasionally, vehicle manufacturers issue recall notices on vehicles or parts. Email notifications will be issued to clients regarding new and outstanding recalls. 

Driver resources 

CVA has a number of resources for drivers. 

National Safety Code (NSC) Program in Saskatchewan
The National Safety Code (NSC) Program in Saskatchewan regulates the operation of heavy trucks and trailers across the province. Any truck and trailer with a combined or individual Gross Vehicle Weight over 11,793 kg must follow NSC standards.
It is of utmost importance that all vehicle operators adhere to NSC protocols. The NSC program is in place to improve highway safety. Any vehicle operators that tow a trailer are encouraged to review the National Safety Code Program.

Operator's Handbook
The Operator's Handbook provides information for drivers including FAQs, tips for safe driving, information about fuel cards, instructions for reporting accidents along with other useful information. Each vehicle has a copy of the Operators Handbook in the glovebox. Copies can also be requested from your Vehicle Coordinator. 

Green Driving Guide 
The Green Driving Guide provides information about how you can help lessen the impact government’s fleet has on the environment and how you can practice responsible driving.

Mission Zero Stickers 
All government vehicles come with a Mission Zero safety sticker. These serve as a reminder for drivers to stay safe while behind the wheel. 

Vehicle Coordinators
Vehicle Coordinators are employees within each organization that help manage fleet vehicles, and coordinate billing and reporting on behalf of their respective organization. Employees are encouraged to contact their Vehicle Coordinator if they have questions or concerns specific to vehicle needs in their organization. 

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Manage a fleet vehicle 

Contact information 

If you have any questions or require more information please contact: 

Central Vehicle Agency – Main Office 
500 McLeod Street
Regina, SK
S4N 4Y1
Phone 306-787-6902*
Toll free 1-877-787-6902*
*Please note that this number requires 10-digit dialing. 

Business hours are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

For information regarding highway driving conditions, please follow the Highways Hotline link

For information regarding traffic safety training, please visit the Saskatchewan Safety Council.

Service Standards 

Receive request and confirm it was received 

Vehicle Coordinators contacted to discuss vehicle options within 1 business day after the Vehicle Requisition is submitted.  

Fleet management

All GRF (executive government) clients, and clients with fleets with 15 vehicles or more receive a Fleet Management Plan and/or have a Fleet Management Meeting with CVA annually.

For more information: 

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