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As a Tenant Rep, you service a diverse clientele within your ministry with a variety of requests. Your ministry co-workers are also your clients. This page is designed to give you all the resources and information you need to effectively assist your clients and help manage government buildings. 

To find out who your tenent rep is, please contact your administrative support. 

To learn more about your role as a Tenant Rep, use the links below to jump to the content:  


As the designated Tenant Rep for your ministry, you are your ministry’s first point of contact for initiating projects. Whether it is a renovation or modification to a workspace, you are an important part of maintaining and improving government’s building portfolio.  You play a crucial role in facilitating approvals for your ministry. 

Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management is spacing planning for a ministry. As ministries grow and evolve, so too do their space demands. Sometimes a ministry may require more space and sometimes less. Strategic Portfolio Management enables you, as the Tenant Rep, to sit down with your clients and map out the workspace needs of their ministry. 

Project lifecycle

The Project lifecycle breaks down any building project into the various stages it will take on during its lifespan. In sitting down with your clients, it is important to go through the lifecycle of a project and project proposal. Be sure to make each stage in the cycle clear and outline costs associated with each stage. Your job as a tenant rep is to be sure that your clients understand the various stages of a project lifecycle, their current stage and any costs and actions associated with the stage.  Special occasion, building condition, lights, elevator, building service, tenant responsibilities, tenant, tenants, tenant rep, building manager, building operator, workspace management, workspace planning, space management, space planning, strategic portfolio management, accommodations, parking

Request service for my building or office 

Contact information 

If you have any questions or require more information please contact: 

Property Management Branch

Phone (306) 787-4586*
*Please note that this number requires 10-digit dialing. 
Century Plaza, 1920 Rose Street, Regina
Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

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