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Requests for accommodation may arise at any point during employment, from the hiring process through to retirement.

Government of Saskatchewan is committed to exploring all possible options to allow people to do their jobs and adapting work places, working conditions, job duties or employee assignments to accommodate persons with disabilities.

For more information, please refer to the HR Manual.

You can learn more about accommodation and return to work planning below.

Determining an accommodation

The accommodation process differs for SGEU, CUPE and Out-of-Scope employees.

The Rehabilitation Placement Process for an adjudicated claim is for SGEU employees who are returning to work after a leave.

The CUPE Return to Work process ensures employees unable to work due to work injury, disability or extended sick leave are able to be accommodated on their return to work.

The Rehabilitation Placement Process for Out-of-Scope employees applies to out-of-scope employees who have applied to the Disability Income Plan (DIP) benefits, Workers' Compensation Benefits or SGI income replacement benefits and are ready to return to work.

For detailed information on the rehabilitation placement process, please visit the HR Manual.

Income plans

Employees who become disabled through illness or injury have income protection available to them through the Workers Compensation Board (WCB), Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), the SGEU Long Term Disability Plans (LTD), or the Employers Disability Income Plan (DIP) for out-of-scope employees.

Workers Compensation Board (WCB) - provides financial protection, medical and rehabilitation services to workers and their dependents in cases of injury out of, and in the course of, employment.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance - provides financial benefits that will cover expenses when injuries occur as a result of an automobile accident.

SGEU Long Term Disability - income protection for union members who are totally disabled and unable to work and are not covered by Worker's Compensation or SGI.

Disability Income Plan - provides financial protection for out of scope and CUPE employees in situations not covered by SGI or WCB.

Roles and responsibilities

A successful rehabilitation/return to work placement requires a cooperative and collaborative working relationship between all of those involved. This includes the employee, the employer, the union representative(s) and the insurance plan vocational rehabilitation counsellor.

Employee: participates and cooperates in the rehabilitation process, in exploring suitable return to work options and identifying required accommodations. Medical verification of employment restrictions and readiness to work required by the employer may be provided by the employee. In some cases the medical restrictions and verification of readiness to return to work will be provided by a designate such as the insurance plan representative or vocational rehabilitation counsellor.

Ministry representative (can include the manager, supervisor and human resource representative): explores all return to work options within the employees' home ministry, works with insurance plan vocational representative and the PSC in planning return to work, retraining options, etc. Provides support to the employee and the work unit throughout the process.

Insurance plan representative / vocational rehabilitation counsellor: works with the employee, employer and physician to develop a return to work plan which will be based on medical opinion and fully approved by a medical practitioner in order to ensure a safe and successful return to work.

Government rehabilitation coordinator: provides consultative assistance to ministry representative, employees and the union, manages rehabilitation placement processes and return to work program for executive government.

Union official (can include shop steward, Agreement Administration Advisor): represents the employee's interests within the rehabilitation process, particularly if there are difficulties.

Union designated official: for individual employees, in conjunction with the government rehabilitation coordinator, approves the waiver of the 24 month definite leave of absence provision in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement Article A) 1) ii) - Accepted Adjudicated Claims.

Union Joint Rehabilitation Committee: is responsible for developing and administering rehabilitation for employees. It monitors rehabilitation processes to identify need for change, education and awareness. The Committee is not involved in individual placement decisions.

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