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Starting an IT project can be a complex undertaking. The resources below will help you navigate the world of IT projects. 

IT Governance 

Learn more about how the IT Governance process allows government to have a full view of all IT initiatives and ensure a coordinated and collaborative approach to IT projects.

IT Projects 

The Project Management Office in ITD handles the initiation of IT projects, regardless of size or type, and ensures the right resources are involved from the start. Learn more about the processes and tools for starting an IT project. 

IT Security

Proper security procedures are an essential part of IT project management. Learn more about IT security requirements for projects. 

Digital Public Services

The Digital Strategy and Operations (DSO) branch of ITD can help you revitalize your service into a user-friendly, streamlined online format. Learn more about the process for developing a public-facing online services. 
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IT Governance; IT Projects; IT Security; Public-Facing Online Services