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‚ÄčIt is important that employees have knowledge about how to submit timecards. With the transition from Excel to electronic timecarding systems, it is important that all employees have been given the proper tools to make the transition seamlessly. The links down below reference tools and resources for helping employees learn about Excel and electronic timecards. The Timekeeper link provides timekeepers with training and resources to help them perform their job better.

You may refer to Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedules and Deadlines 2019 to see the new pay periods, deadlines and pay dates.

For timecard information specific to you, please sign into PSC Client.

Electronic Timecards

As electronic timecards are rolled out, these tools and resources will help employees make the transition smoothly.

Excel Timecards

These tools and resources guide employees with which Excel timecard they should use, how to fill the timecard out properly and help with any questions the employee might have.

Payroll Schedules

This page leads to links about Payroll Schedules and Deadlines.

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