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‚ÄčEmployees who require extended time off work are able to request a leave of absence -- this includes definite leaves without pay and indefinite leaves without pay.

To apply for a leave of absence, or to extend a leave of absence, you will need to discuss your needs with your manager. If approved, complete a Leave of Absence Request Form. To ensure timely processing, the form should be emailed to the HR Service Centre a minimum of two weeks prior to the beginning or extension of leave.

Managers should use one of the following checklists to assist in the process: Definite Leave of Absence Checklist, Definite Leave of Absence for Term Position Checklist, Indefinite Leave of Absence Checklist.

For more Leave information please refer to the HR Manual.

Find out more about leaves of absence below:

Maternity/Legal Adoption/Parental Leave

If you are applying for a maternity/legal adoption/parental leave, please complete the Leave of Absence Request Form and the applicable application form below. You may use the Maternity/Legal Adoption/Parental Leave Checklist to assist you throughout the application.

The following application forms are available:

For more information about eligibility, application process and top up, please refer to the Maternity/Legal Adoption/Parental Leave Guidelines, the Maternity/Legal Adoption/Parental Leave FAQ and the HR Manual.

Apprenticeship Leave

If you are applying for an apprenticeship leave, please complete a Leave of Absence Request Form and the Apprenticeship Training SUB Program Application

Deferred Salary Leave

The Deferred Salary Leave Plan is a prescribed plan under the Income Tax Act and the terms and conditions of the plan are governed by federal legislation. 

This plan allows employees to finance a leave of absence for any reason (six to 12 months) by deferring salary prior to a leave of absence.

To be eligible to apply for a deferred salary leave, you must be a permanent employee and must discuss and receive approval from your manager to take a leave of absence.

You will be required to fill out PEBA Deferred Salary Leave Program Application Form.

For more information, please refer to the PEBA Deferred Salary Leave Plan Booklet and the HR Manual.

Return from Leave

After you have returned from a leave ob absence, you will be contacted regarding your eligibility to pay your pension arrears.

The Return from Leave of Absence Manager Checklist should be used by managers.

For more Return from Leave information please refer to the HR Manual

If you have any questions or require more information please contact:

Phone: 1-877-852-5808 or 306-798-0000

Fax: 1-877-852-9219 or 306-798-9966

2100 Broad Street, Regina, SK, S4P 1Y5

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