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​Need telephone service, a mobile account or just a change to your existing telephone services? A number of telephone services are available to you as a government employee. Many of these services are coordinated through your designated Telephone Coordinator. Please consult the Telephone Coordinator list to find your designated coordinator. 

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Landline service

Landline services need to be requested through your Telephone Coordinator. You can make a request on behalf of new employees if you are their supervisor.   


Voicemail services can be requested through your designated Telephone Coordinator. If you have questions about how to use your voice mail, please see SaskTel’s Voicemail Business User Guide. It contains information such as:

  • How to administer a personal greeting or extended absence greeting
  • How to manage your messages
  • How to access your voicemail from outside of the office

Additional changes to voicemail services, such as joint mobile-landline voicemail accounts can be discussed with your Telephone Coordinator. 

Moving or changing phone service

If you are moving your workspace to another building or even just within a building, please contact your Telephone Coordinator. Depending on the phone and services you had, there may be charges associated not only with your account but the particular phone number. Please ensure that you report all changes in telephone location and/or services to your Telephone Coordinator. They will also be able to facilitate in transferring services to your new workspace. 

Mobile phones and plans

Executive government mobile devices are managed by the Information Technology division (ITD) while the mobile account and voice/data plans are managed by Telephone Coordinators. If you require a mobile device for your job, please obtain the appropriate internal approvals and then submit an IT Service Request to

When submitting a Service Request, please remember: 

  • To ensure you have provided all the relevant information. 
  • To submit your request a minimum of five business days in advance. 
  • To submit the Service Request form through your appropriate ministry service approver.* 

*Each ministry has their own service approvers. These individuals review all requests on behalf of their ministry and authorize the requests prior to the request being submitted to the ITD. Requests will only be processed if they come from an authorized service approver. 

Once you have received the mobile device, alert your Telephone Coordinator so they can keep track of applicable information pertaining to the device. For more information see the Mobile Wireless Device Policy.

If you ever need to change or cancel your mobile data, talk or text plan, please contact your Telephone Coordinator. They will facilitate this process and contact the service provider. 

Caller ID
All telephone numbers identified as Government of Saskatchewan will initially be programmed by default to display the standardized name “GOVT OF SASK” when placing calls outside the government Centrex/Centrex IP (VoIP) telephone system. Inside the government Centrex (VoIP) telephone system only, your name will appear as it does on the Government Telephone Directory Service. 

If you require a name change for your internal government call display name, contact your Telephone Coordinator. If your organization requires a display name different from “GOVT OF SASK” for outgoing calls, please forward your request in writing to Cindy Cullen ( at the Telecommunications branch and provide the proposed new name and the rational for why you require a different outgoing call display name. Please note that changes are made on an organizational and not individual basis. Please see the Government of Saskatchewan Name Display Policy for additional information.   

Teleconferencing services

Are you trying to organize a meeting, but having a hard time getting everyone together at one location? Teleconferencing is a great way to allow everyone to participate, even if they can’t all meet in one location. Most government organizations choose SaskTel Teleconferencing Services for their teleconference needs. To start teleconferencing services, please contact your Telephone Coordinator. 

SaskTel offers four levels of teleconference services: on demand, unattended, attended and events call. Each moderator is billed a flat per-minute rate that includes all applicable toll-free and long distance charges within Canada and the United States. All four levels include a toll-free line for participants to dial. 

Toll-free services

If you need to arrange the installation of an incoming toll-free number, please contact your Telephone Coordinator

Online Directory

Employees and the general public can access government’s directory online at Search any name, telephone number, title, ministry, service or place, or browse organizations to expand the categories and find the information you are looking for. 

As a key source of government contact information accessible by both government employees and the public, it’s important that the Directory be as up-to-date as possible. The accuracy depends on the awareness and timeliness of changes.

As an employee, you can request directory changes through your designated Directory Administrator. This person can update the information on your behalf. Requesting a change can be done by either contacting your Directory Administrator directly or by emailing

Contact Information

Telecommunications Branch
Cindy Cullen
Phone 306-787-787-6899*
*Please note that this number requires 10-digit dialing. 
110 Henderson Drive, Regina 
Business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Service Standards

Blue Page Updates

Customers will be contacted within 5 business days of emailing
Blue Page Service Standards

Directory Administration Access and Change Requests

Customers will be contacted within 2 business days of emailing
Directory Administration Access Requests Service Standards

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