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If you are a Telephone Coordinator and/or Directory Administrator, you can learn more about your role and Telecommunications branch services below.

Request or change landline services

When a client comes to you to request a new telephone line or a change to an existing telephone service you will need to ensure that you have all the required information prior to submitting a service request to SaskTel.  The SaskTel Telephone Request Checklist can be a helpful tool for non-IBC related requests.  A checklist for IBC is currently not available.  Once you have all the required information you will then complete a SaskTel Telephone Request Form (for services other than IBC) or a IBC Service Request Form and submit it to SaskTel at

If the service request does not require a SaskTel site visit (i.e. feature changes), it is completed within two to three business days on average. 

If the service request requires a SaskTel site visit (i.e. new phone installation, phone removal, major move), SaskTel tries to provide service within a 6-12 business day target window in all locations when conditions are ideal.  The Far North is considered anything north of La Ronge and the 6-12 business day target window isn’t always possible due to the remote locations and resources available.

Internal/External Name Display Change

As a Telephone Coordinator, clients may ask you to change how their internal name is displayed when placing a call. Typically, the internal name display is the first and last name.  

If a client requests to have their internal name display changed, you can process that request through the IBC Administrator Portal (for IBC service).

All telephone numbers identified as Government of Saskatchewan will initially be programmed by default to display the standardized name "GOVT OF SASK" when placing calls outside the government telephone system.

If your organization requests to have a public name display different from "GOVT OF SASK" for outgoing calls, the process is as follows: 

  1. Outgoing public name display changes will be considered on an organization basis.  Only under exceptional circumstances will name changes be considered on select telephone numbers.  The proposed new name and the reason for requesting the change should be included in the submission.
  2. Requests for name display changes on Centrex telephone service must be submitted to Cindy Cullen ( at Central Services, Telecommunications Branch.  Pending approval, the Telecommunications Branch will provide written authorization to SaskTel to make the name display change.
  3. Requests for name display changes on IBC telephone service must be submitted to the designated Telephone Coordinator/IBC Administrator for the requesting organization.  Pending approval, the Telephone Coordinator/IBC Administrator will make the name display change. 

Please see the Government of Saskatchewan Name Display Policy for additional information.

Make a change to a mobile account

Smartphone mobile devices for ministries are purchased and managed by the Information Technology division (ITD). However, as a Telephone Coordinator you will need to record information about the mobile device and manage the voice/data plan. If a client wants to make a change to their talk, text or data plans, you will need to facilitate the change with the service provider. Please ensure that the client is familiar with the Mobile Wireless Device Policy. This contains important information about the Government’s policy and guidelines surrounding acquisition and usage. 

Additional resources for Telephone Coordinators

This handbook contains the information that you, as a Telephone Coordinator, need to assist your clients with telephone requests, services, features and telephone sets. It also outlines procedures as well as rental, purchase and service connection charges. 

This document outlines the service framework for the IBC phone service from SaskTel including an IBC overview, IBC support, IBC service requests, monthly costs, feature fees, call queue overview, feature access codes and a glossary of terms. You can also reference the SaskTel Administrator User Guide

Resources for Directory Administrators 

This website is designed for you, as a Directory Administrator, to make changes and adjustments to the Government Telephone Directory 

This manual was compiled specifically with Directory Administrators in mind. It provides commonly required information and step-by-step instructions for processing changes within the Government Telephone Directory System.

This interactive electronic learning module acts to support the Admin User Manual. It provides step-by-step instructions including demonstrations and “try me” exercises for processing changes. You can find this under the training tab on the GTDS Admin website. For help, see the GTDS eLearning Guide.

This guide was compiled specifically with Directory Coordinators in mind.  It provides commonly required information for managing the centralized coordination and validation of the government blue pages information for the 10 provincial phonebooks and

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make arrangements for an employee who is leaving; make arrangements for a new employee; update the government directory

Contact information 

If you have any questions or require more information please contact:

Cindy Cullen
*Please note that this number requires 10-digit dialing. 
Century Plaza, 1920 Rose Street, Regina 
Business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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