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Teams Overview

Starting in the week of April 13, 2020, Teams will be implemented across government in a phased approach (ministry by ministry). This phased approach will take place rapidly to support the volume of people working remotely at this time.

Teams is an ideal environment for online collaboration with audio, video, chat, and file sharing capabilities. Teams is not replacing Skype for Business, or Web Ex.

Teams offers full videoconferencing capabilities on any internet-connected device with a camera, meaning it can be used on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Any time, any place, any device

All you need is an internet connection to access Teams

Network and performance enhancements

Reduces capacity and performance issues with governments network

Collaborate easier

Streamline user experience for meetings, video and voice calls from desktop


Microsoft automatically updates your software, so you can be confident your information is always secure 


All how to videos and user guides

Many of the features and functionalities of Teams will not be immediately available to users to accommodate the rapid rollout across government. Check back regularly to find information about new features and functionalities as Teams evolve over the course of the project.


Microsoft Teams Training

Teams Notifications on Android Video Tutorial

Teams Notifications on iOS Video Tutorial

How to use Microsoft Teams Live Event

User guides

Manage Online Meetings in Teams

Chatting in Teams

Calling and Contacts in Teams

Teams on a Mobile Device

Hotkey Shortcuts in Teams

Recording and Sharing Online Meetings in Teams


Microsoft Teams Live Events guides

Microsoft Teams Live Events allows you to host online live events such as town halls, webinars and more!   Deliver scalable events with video and interactive discussion with up to 10,000 attendees. Whether at home, work or on the go – everyone has a seamless experience across web and mobile apps.  Teams Live Events can also be recorded to ensure that anyone who may have missed the event can gain access to the information that was shared!

To learn more about how to use this feature:

Schedule a live event

Invite Attendees

Produce your live event

Present in your live event

Manage the recording and reports

Logging into Teams

Your Teams login is your Government of Saskatchewan username (i.e. and network password, not your email address. You may be asked to enter a code sent to another one of your devices to confirm your identity.

For more information, check out the How to Log into Teams user guide.

Prompted to enter a code?

Multi-factor authentication prompts you to submit a code that has been sent to one of your devices, confirming your identity for greater security of yours and government's data. 

You will need to register for multi-factor authentication if you have not done it already, and you intend to use Office 365 software (such as OneDrive and Exchange Email Online) on any of the following:

  • a personal mobile device app or browser;
  • a government mobile device app or browser;
  • a government device not connected to the government network; or
  • a non-government device.

You may have already registered for multi-factor authentication when Exchange Online launched in your ministry. If not, you can follow these instructions to register for multi-factor authentication.

For more information about Teams, contact your Service Level Coordinator

For help with Teams, contact:

IT Service Desk at 306-787-5000* or

*Please note that this number requires 10-digit dialing.

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